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solopreneursfreelancersindie hackersdesignerscontent creatorsmarketersresearchersproduct managers

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John Doe

Web designer

Overall impression: 😀

I think your page looks great! I'd suggest removing the "at your service" section at the bottom and replacing it with a "Shop Now" button. This way, you lead visitors to a clear CTA at the end, encouraging them to take the next step.

Frequently asked questions

Our community includes graphic designers, web developers, entrepreneurs, product managers, and marketers. It's like a team of superheroes with different skills, all here to help each other grow!
We motivate our users to provide helpful reviews through a karma points system. Recipients rate the feedback and can report rule-violating reviews to receive a replacement. We also offer tips for reviewers to help them improve.
We request feedback for your site as soon as you start reviewing others. It usually takes up to 24 hours to gather all responses.
Absolutely! You can submit URL to a Figma mock-up or a file hosted on Google Drive. Make sure your URL is accessible without sign-up or password.
Yes, you can specify the areas you want feedback on and provide a custom comment or question. This helps reviewers focus on the aspects most important to you.
Only the assigned reviewers will see your submitted link. The feedback will be private and only visible to you. We never publish or share your URL and reviews outside the platform.